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Stage Show Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED Screen is special for a show. It will bring different effect during the show, and won't loose the its own duty to display video.

Pixel Pitch: 2.6mm/ 3.91mm/ 5.2mm/ 7.9mm

Cabinet Size:1000mm*500mm or 500mm*500mm or Customized Size

Refresh rate: 1920Hz-3840Hz

Brightness: 1,000nits-4,500nits

Used for: Indoor 

  • Product Detail

Transparent led screen is different from the traditional stage led screen. It is see-through design. But it can also deliver good quality of images or videos. In the meantime, transparent led screen can bring something total different than what a traditional led screen do.

Transparent LED Display for stage

Lit up your stage with this special LED display

Standard Cabinet Unit

ModelV-trans2.6 IndoorV-trans3.9 IndoorV-trans5.2 IndoorV-trans7.9 Indoor
Pixel Pitch
Module Size125mm*500mm125mm*500mm125mm*500mm125mm*500mm
Cabinet Size 500mm*1000mm 500mm*1000mm 500mm*1000mm500mm*1000mm
Transparency Rate70%75%75%80%
Refresh Rate1920Hz up1920Hz up1920Hz up1920Hz up
VoltageAC 110V-220VAC 110V-220VAC 110V-220VAC 110V-220V
Cabinet ColorBlack/SilverBlack/SilverBlack/SilverBlack/Silver
Cabinet MaterialAluminumAluminumAluminumAluminum



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