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High Bright Flip-chip COB Indoor LED Screen Wall

High bright COB led screen wall can achieve a brightness up to 3,000nits, which could work for most of the indoor projects with stronger light environment.

Pixel Pitch: 1.95mm

Cabinet Size: 500mm*500mm

Refresh rate: 7680Hz

Brightness: 2000nits

Used for: Indoor 

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Indoor led screen wall usually comes with a standard brightness of 500-800nits. But it is not enough for those special projects, such as car showroom, or shopping mall with skylight. Those projects would require a high definition led screen display with high brightness up to 2,000nits.

To meet the requirement of high brightness without losing the image quality for indoor environment, the led display panel with flip-chip COB technology is no doubt the best solution so far.

Front Accessed Wall-mounted Design

COB LED 1.95mm

Modular Panel Size of 500mm x 500mm

COB LED 1.95mm

Flip-chip COB Technology with Better Visualization

Flip-chip COB led

Applications with High Brightness Requirement

LED screen for car showroom
Car Showroom
LED screen for shopping mall
Mall with Skylight


Pixel Pitch1.95mm
Module Size250mm*250mm
Cabinet Size 500mm*500mm
Refresh Rate7,680Hz
Cabinet MaterialDie-casting Aluminum
Cabinet Weight6.5KG
Power Consumption/m2 (Max.)460Watts
Power Consumption/m2 (Avg.)210watts


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