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About Us

10 years of experience in LED screen industry

TreeVisuals started in year of 2013. Back then outdoor led screens with DIP technology still took the dominant role in the market and 80% of the products manufactured in factory were for outdoor projects. With the market demanding for indoor led screens increasingly, TreeVisuals, joined with clients, have an indoor stadium LED screen customized for American market in 2015. Since then, TreeVisuals’ efforts on indoor led market have turned out to be a good result, and successfully, it reached to the businesses of shows rentals, and video studio.

Being market-driven is the key for a company to develop. TreeVisuals always says customer is the market, and being customer-driven is much appropriate. So, it pays great attentions to what customers want and helping them to get the right led screens solution. To further meet customers’ satisfaction, TreeVisuals teamed up with partners to provide one-stop solution until the products delivered to the door of customers.

 This is TreeVisuals, originated from factory and dedicated to solution. Image



TreeVisuals insists on quality first, because no quality means no service. Quality is the base that allows TreeVisuals to walk with clients for a long journey. The numbers of clients determine how big your business will be and what potential of your business can be  inspired. 

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