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Small LED Sign Unit/

Digital Led Poster stand-alone for Retails

LED sign poster is easy to use as consumer electronics. So, it is easier to distribute the units amongst the retails, such as supermarkets, fashion shops, pharmacy stores. For those events planner, it can be rental for new products launching activities, shows expo etc.

Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm/ 2.0mm/ 1.75mm

Device Size:1902mm*572mm

Refresh rate: 3,960Hz

Brightness: 1,100nits-3,100nits

Used for: Indoor 

  • Product Detail

Digital led poster are affordable for retail stores. Uploading the ads to the digital poster by phone or tablets pc will be easier than the printed poster. It can be movable to any location as well to attract the attentions of the customers.

Detailed size and different floor-stand for options

Multiple Units can work together to display one image as big screen

Where you might need the led poster

For Exhibition Center
For Retail Stores
For Weddings

Models for led poster

Use forSemi-outdoorIndoorIndoorIndoor
Pixel Pitch2.5mm2.5mm2mm1.75mm
Device Size(L*W*D)1920*570*33mm1920*570*33mm1920*570*33mm1920*570*33mm
Display Area1890mm*560mm1890mm*560mm1890mm*560mm1890mm*560mm
Viewing distance≥2.5M≥2.5M≥2M≥1.75M
Refresh Rate3,960Hz 3,960Hz3,960Hz3,960Hz


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