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Stage Rental LED Video Wall for All Events

Stage rental led video wall is still the important part of event devices. Usually events planner will require the led video wall being installed fast with more possibility of different design. So, it comes out with this V-show stage led video wall, which supports convex or concave install, and flying install or floor-standing install. 

Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm/ 2.6mm/ 2.97mm/ 3.91mm/ 4.81mm

Cabinet Size:1000mm*500mm or 500mm*500mm

Refresh rate: 1920Hz-3840Hz

Brightness: 1,000nits-4,500nits

Used for: Indoor & Outdoor

  • Product Detail

Stage building requires higher standard than ever. Flying bars and floor-standing truss are the important gadgets. But, having more possibility in sizes are challenging the design of LED screen cabinet. V-show stage LED screen are designed for professional events. Because it has two types of cabinet design, and they can be installed together vertically or horizontally for different sizes requirement.

Two Different Sizes of LED Cabinet Can Be Installed Together for Different Layouts of LED Video Screen

Models for Indoor Events

ModelV-show2.5 indoorV-show2.6 IndoorV-show2.97 IndoorV-show3.91 IndoorV-show4.81 Indoor
Pixel Pitch2.5mm2.6mm2.97mm3.91mm4.81mm
Module Size250mm*250mm250mm*250mm250mm*250mm250mm*250mm250mm*250mm
Cabinet Size A//1000mm*500mm1000mm*500mm1000mm*500mm
Cabinet Size B500mm*500mm500mm*500mm500mm*500mm500mm*500mm500mm*500mm
Refresh Rate1920Hz-3840Hz1920Hz-3840Hz1920Hz-3840Hz1920Hz-3840Hz1920Hz-3840Hz
Cabinet MaterialDie-casting AluminumDie-casting AluminumDie-casting AluminumDie-casting AluminumDie-casting Aluminum
Cabinet Weight14KG/7KG14KG/7KG14KG/7KG14KG/7KG14KG/7KG

Models for Outdoor Events

ModelV-show2.6 OutdoorV-show2.97 OutdoorV-show3.91 OutdoorV-show4.81 Outdoor
Pixel Pitch2.6mm2.97mm3.91mm4.81mm
Module Size250mm*250mm250mm*250mm250mm*250mm250mm*250mm
Cabinet Size A/1000mm*500mm1000mm*500mm1000mm*500mm
Cabinet Size B500mm*500mm500mm*500mm500mm*500mm500mm*500mm
Refresh Rate1920Hz-3840Hz1920Hz-3840Hz1920Hz-3840Hz1920Hz-3840Hz
Cabinet MaterialDie-casting AluminumDie-casting AluminumDie-casting AluminumDie-casting Aluminum
Cabinet Weight14KG/7KG14KG/7KG14KG/7KG14KG/7KG



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