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Small LED Sign Unit/

Digital LED Sign on Car

LED sign on car can be installed on the rear windshield of the car. Since it is transparent, it won't blind the vision of the driver. Each device is inexpensive, even personal could advertise for their own shop. 

Pixel Pitch: 2.6mm Vertical-5.2mm Horizontal

Device Size:788m*256mm*50mm/31"*10"*2"

Refresh rate: 1920Hz or 3,840Hz

Brightness: 4,000nits-4,500nits

Used for: Inside the car

  • Product Detail

Digital LED Sign on car is easy to go for advertising. It features small size, easy-to-use and high transparency. In this compact design, it is equipped with a controller that has 4G/Wi-Fi/GPS on board.

To advertising business, this digital led sign on car would be a device that spend less money but could reach the target easily. In addition, this device supports web-based management. Thousands of those devices can be controlled and under monitoring all the time. In a word, advertising campaign on vehicle with this device could be launched without high budget and come out with a happy result.

LED sign on car

Transparent & easy to install

rear car led sign

Wherever the car goes, wherever the Ads goes

vehicle led sign

Improving visual identity of the brand

branding with led sign on car

Low budget & high efficiency of reaching target

led sign on car adverting campaign
Use forInside the car
Pixel Pitch2.6mm Vertical/5.2 Horizontal
Device Size(L*W*D)788*256*50mm/31″*10“*2”
Viewing distance≥1M
Refresh Rate1920Hz or 3,840Hz
Power160W Max./50W Ave.



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