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LED Sign on Car for Digital Vehicle Advertising

led sign on car of the rear windshield

Recently, the application of led transparent led sign screen on glass window is already a relatively common product. So can it be used in vehicles, such as buses, taxis, etc.? The answer is yes, and it is the the led sign on car.

We usually see conventional car LED displays on the road. But traditional LED displays block external light to go through. It would dim indoor light, depressing the environment. People that stay indoor cannot watch outside and cannot see what is going on outside. The led sign on car is transparent, and the outdoor light can shine into the car, and the people inside the car are basically can also watch towards outsides.

the led sign attached on car

Technical difficulties of transparent led sign on car:

1.Power supply: The led transparent screen is powered by AC 220V to DC 5V. But the vehicle power supply is generally DC 36V or 12V. So, it is necessary to choose DC 36V or 12V to DC 5V to power the screen. Fortunately, the led screen technology is well developed, and the power supply technology is also very advanced. This problem is no longer a problem. back to 17th century.

2. Screen controlling: The car transparent screen comes in small compact size. It requires a small controller to carry. In addition, it needs to support wireless 4G controlling, and GPS positioning. There would be numbers of the transparent led signs installed in different cars. So, a group controlling is needed to launch the advertising at the same time.

These two technology barriers make the car transparent led sign apart from those traditional led screens. It is a powerful supplement to the LED advertising market. Furthermore, it has obvious advantages in the field of mobile advertising

rear led sign

The advantages of the mobile car transparent led screen

1. The vehicle-mounted transparent screen has a transparency of more than 50%, which will not affect the visual depth of the driver.

2. The high protection ability can deal with the aerosol water problem generated in winter and summer. It can also solve the problem of dead pixels effectively.

3. It can meet all-weather advertisement campaign. Under the brightness of 4000nit during the day, it can save more energy and electricity, and achieve advertising target efficiently. The brightness can be adjusted for advertising at night, which avoid light pollution.

4. Target client can catch the advertising contents when viewing from a distance of 20-30 meters away.

5. It can attach and match to the rear window of the car with glass adhesive. So, the installation is convenient, and fast. It does not occupy the passenger space, and provide a strong sense of comfort in the car.

All in all, transparent windshield led sign is appealing, as a mobile advertising medium. It flash on the rear window of the vehicle and attract the attentions of people on road. So, it has a higher exposure rate of the advertisement. In the meantime, to invest to the installation of this car led sign is lower than those led billboards in large format.

More importantly, it comes with a Intelligent management system that support web-based management, GPS positioning, data tracking analysis, real-time query and so on. It will be sure the hot product as digital vehicle advertising amongst advertisers.

led sign on car advertising campaign



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