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A solution for outdoor led billboard

This is an article to share one of the led billboards in Mexico, and it could also help those who know nothing about the led billboard but want to install one for their own business.

LED billboard is usually in big size, and it can’t be shipped as one piece. So, it has to be divided into smaller segments. Each segment is called led cabinet. LED cabinet usually comes as completed smaller screen, which is ready-to-work piece. When these smaller pieces being connected together, they can be a big screen and a big led billboard.

In year of 2018, a client came to us for the solution for their outdoor led billboards. The size of the billboard was requested to be 13meters wide and 3 meters high. In addition, the led screen was about to be installed on the top of a plaza, like 8meters high.

So, here are some tips for those who want to install a led billboard.

One, you need to know the size of the billboard that you are going to install. Because the size is one of the factors that would determine the budget.

Second, you need to tell the supplier the location where the led billboard will be installed, if it is close to the ocean. Then the supplier will know if special coating will be needed for your led billboard.

The third, it would be better if you could show some pictures to the supplier and indicate where specifically in a building or at a pole you want to install the led screen.

With this information listed above, the led screen supplier could recommend you the right solution if you have no idea about it.

In this project, since it was installed at a high place of about 8 meters, and led billboard size is big. It could be P10, P8 or P6.67 model. The Number represents the resolution, and the smaller the number is, the higher the resolution is. In the meantime, the higher the resolution is, the higher the price is.

Client finally decided on the model of P6.67, since it was within the budget of the client. The LED billboard consisted 13pcs led cabinets for the width and 3pcs led cabinets for the height. Each LED cabinet measures 96cm*96cm, so the final size of the led billboard is 12.48meter wide and 2.88meters high. The resolution is 1,872*432 pixels.

Here we share some pictures when the client installed this led billboard. This led billboard is located in Circuito Juan Pablo II #1753 Local C Colonka La noria CP 72410 Mexico



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