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LED Screen Viewing Distance

Compared with those technology of LCD or projector, LED video wall presents many advantages of vivid color, reliability, long life-span, and broad viewing angles etc. That is why led video wall are adopted for projects of commercial advertising, smart surveillance and high-end conferences.

There are many important factors or parameters that the client would care when choosing the led video wall. LED screen viewing distance is one of them. It would have impacts on the displaying contents. Probably it is hard to be recognized by audiences. So, how can you know what your led screen viewing distance is?

The viewing distance of led video wall can be in three categories, the closest viewing distance, the best viewing distance and the longest viewing distance. They can be calculated. To work it out, you will need to understand better about the pixel pitch of the led video wall. Pixel pitch is the distance between the center of one pixel and the center of neighboring pixel. When you see a model of P3.91, “p” means pixel pitch, and 3.91 means the pixel distance is 3.91mm.

Let’s take a P3.91 led video wall with a height of 2meters as an example. Here are some formulas for you to work on the viewing distance.

led screen viewing distance



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