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Switch the projector to church LED Screen without worries

Churches have been using projection for their worship activities. But these years, there is growing need for church led screen.

Gallup study found that a good preaching is the number one reason that 76 percent of people would go to church. To improve the preaching experiences, a visual tool as led screen display has been proven to be the better one than projector.

Then what can a led screen do better for the worship activities?

Higher brightness and sharp color

Projector deliver the images or video with lower brightness, which will look blurry when the ambient light is too strong. On the contrary, LED video screen is with higher brightness up to 1,000nits, so that the images or videos will look sharp on led video screen.

Diversified church stage set-up and church membership added value

Due to the modular design of led video screen, it can be assembled to be different sizes. Church with led video screen installed would be capable of setting up the stages according to different worship topics. It would bring different experiences to the church members. In return, it would help increase the membership.

But how can a church choose the right led video screen? There is plenty of models of led screen in the market. For church stages, the growing need is on indoor led video screen. Specially, it is the resolution of P3.91 that is mostly asked by churches.

LED video screen can be installed in different ways, such as flying-hung, wall-mounted, floor-standing. Most churches flying hang the led video screen, because it is the easiest way and costs less. So, when the churches need to confirm with the provider if the led screen can be flying-hung, and what gadgets will be needed before buying the led video screen.

When choosing the church led screen, there is no way to avoid those made in China. Because the prices are better and churches usually has a tight budget. But all the led video screen from China can’t work with macOS directly. It’ll just need a computer of windows OS to do the screen mapping configuration, and then switch it to be the macOS as media input. So there is no worry to use those popular worship software, such as ProPresenter, ChurchTrac, Easyworship, or Worship LIVE etc.

In a word, LED screen has been proven to deliver higher quality of image, and it displays lyrics & bible texts better than a projector. You could tell from those churches around you, and all you need to do is to switch your projector to LED video screen.

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