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Let Us Unveil The Naked 3D LED Billboard Technology

Recently, those Naked-eye 3D led billboard landmarks are new topics in led screen industry. There might be question that what make it different from others led screens? To be honest, the 3D led billboard looks complicated to the outsider, but it is just totally handled by the one who is in led screen business.

Let’s just take some looks on those landmarks of 3D led screen

3D led screen in Korea
3D LED Screen in Korea
3D led billboard in Japan
naked eye 3D led screen in Japan
3D led displays in China
3D led billboard in Suzhou China
Naked 3D led screen in China
3D led billboard in Chengdu China

Naked-eye 3D is Autostereoscopy as well. This technology base on Anamorphosis, which is a distorted projection requiring the viewer to occupy a specific vantage point, use special devices, or both to view a recognizable image (Wikipedia). Actually, anamorphosis as a technique has been used in painting, photography, film and video, digital art and games and street art etc.

For example, Painting with Anamorphosis could date back to 17th century.

Andrea Pozzo’s painted ceiling in the Church of St. Ignazio, 1690

And this technique was used in street art as well

Anamorphic street art by Manfred Stader

The naked-eye 3D billboard is the product that Anamorphosis is used in video. More specifically, it is the parallax barrier technique of Anamorphosis.

The distance between two eyes is 6cm. So the subject will reflect differently in the right eye and the left eye. more furtherly, two images from different eye will be combined into a new image with space perception in the mind.

3D LED Visual
3D visual theory

With this reason, most of the naked-eye 3D led billboards was made in L shape. With customized animation video, the two faces of this L shape LED billboard will show different images. Viewing from specific location, these two different images can be caught up by people and combined to be a new image with space perception in people’s mind. This new image with space perception is what we call the naked-eye 3D video, and the LED billboard is naked-eye 3D LED billboard.

From above, we could know what makes the naked-eye 3D led screen. One is the L shape LED screen, the other one is the naked-eye 3D video.

To build the L shape led billboard, the led module with bevel edge is needed. When two ends of the led screen meet, the two led modules with bevel cut at the end could make the gap to be seamless.

3D LED module
LED module with bevel cut

As to the 3D video, not only is it customized to be high resolution naked-eye 3D, but also it requires the LED screen to be high resolution as well to display it.

Till now, that is all for building a 3D led billboard. Treevisuals led solution could provide the L shape led screen, and the customized 3D video as well to any client who decides to follow the new trends of naked-eye 3D led billboard.



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