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LED Screens Technology at 2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

The 2022 winter Olympics opening ceremony took place on Feb 04 2022 in Beijing China. This ceremony used led screens technology of artificial intelligence, AR and naked 3D etc. to present an amazing stage to the world. The very important element of this stage is the use of led screens.

Let’s see those led screens on the ceremony.

LED screen stage floor

The eye-catching one is the magnetic stage led screen on the floor. We can call it LED floor, which used about 42,000 pieces of 50cmx50cm of led panels. Together it covers an area of 10,552 square meters. This LED screen floor can beat with the problems of raining, snowing, and bear the weight of 500Kilogram at every square meter. It even allows performers skiing on it. It all relies on one fact that there is a special cover on the led screen floor. The cover makes it like an ice ground. On the other hand, this LED ice ground even uses many interactive technologies, such as intel 3DAT technology.

led screen stage floor
LED Screen Stage Floor

LED Olympic Rings

The rings are made of LED screens technology. It is about 19meters long and 8.75 meter wide. It weighs 3 tons and only 35cm thick. Inside the rings structure, there is led screen that could display different images and colors. Outside the rings, there is diffusion plate to allow the rings to emit gentle light.

led Olympic rings
LED Ring Structure
Olympic LED rings
LED Screen Rings

LED Screen Cube

The Ice cube is not the real, which is made of led screen, which is 22meter wide, 10meters high and 8meters deep. In the cube shape, it uses the beveled led modules to make it seamless. With the naked 3D video, it looks like just an ice cube.

Olympic LED cube
LED Screen Cube

LED Screen waterfall

This LED screen waterfall is 60meters high and 20meters wide high definition led grille screen. It is 20 floors high, which took 2 months to be installed in national stadium. It is completely outdoor. The installation faced serious challenge that there is no ground base for it and the wind storm might tear it down. It was be a problem that was taken into consideration. This led waterfall is made of the led grille screen. It is a perfect solution that lower down the wind resistance.

LED Screen waterfall
LED Screen Waterfall

This 2022 Olympic ceremony stage is considered the biggest stage in the world. The uses of led screen in this ceremony indicates that China is now the main manufacturer of led screens. Here in China, you could find any type of led screens, led screen floor, led transparent screen and led screen film etc. Now matter what your led screen project is, you could always find the right solution here in China.



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