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Choose a Led Video Wall for Hotel

From what we know, led screens can be for outdoor advertising, such as those outdoor digital billboards, or led sign banners. They can be for stages too, like those concerts led screens or event led screens. Actually, led screens now go inside the hotel to work as one big TV in ballroom or meeting room. Maybe you are looking for led video walls for hotel now.

 How to choose the led video walls for the hotel?

First of all, you need to have an idea that you want to have the led video wall installed permanently or temperately. Because it would lead you to two different styles of led video walls.  One of the styles, we call it permanently installed led screen or fixed led screen. Another one, we call it rental led screen, because you can install it and uninstall it frequently and move it to anywhere in the hotel.

Second, you need to know what size of an area it is that a led video wall should cover. Because it is one of the elements that determine your budget. In other word, it could allow you to have more options on the pixel pitch of the led screens. Here we could talk a bit about their relation. Each led is a pixel, and the distance between two LED is pixel pitch. The short the distance is, the more pixels you will get on the led video wall. The numbers of pixels represent the resolution as well. So, you could choose different pixel pitch for different resolution in the fixed area.

When you figured out those two questions mentioned above, you are close to the budget that you might need.

Right now, the most popular pixel pitch for hotel led screens is 3.91mm. This model requires a minimum viewing distance at 4meters or 13ft far away. Of course, this3.91mm model is usually used for rental style. Supposed that this is what you want, lets see how much you would spend for it. Let’s say you want a 200inch diagonal led screen, which is 4.5M wide and 2.5M high, then the budget is around 10,000USD. It is still cheaper, compared to the 110’’ inch OLED panel. Furthermore, the ballroom or the meeting indeed need a screen much bigger than 110’’ or even bigger enough to cover a wall. That is why we call it led video wall.

led screen in hotel meeting room

LED video walls are still the most popular product as displaying equipment. When the display size exceeds 110’’, you have no choice but to choose led video wall.



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