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Set Up Your LED Wall Background on Floor

Most of the times, you would hang the led video wall to the truss. That is the most common way to set up the led wall system. So, when you buy a led video wall from the suppliers, you won’t get the truss from them, but you will definitely get the rigging bars from them. Rigging bars would help most of the set-ups, but sometimes it couldn’t. For instance, those small stage events would just need some simple structure to support the led video wall to stand on the floor.

Trusses construction is always good for complicated install, such as install on the lawn, or the field covered by snow. Of course, it is good as well to those occasions that need the led wall to be at a high level to attract more attentions. But if you are organizing for an indoor wedding event, or small meeting seminar etc., the floor-standing structure is what you need. It is simple and easy to install for the led video wall. Furthermore, it just stands behind the led video wall to support it and it won’t make the whole led wall background system look bulky.

Here is the design for the floor structure, and let’s see how you could set up your led wall on floor with it.

The floor-standing structure consists of bases, ladder trusses, clamps, horizontal tubes and bottom tubes. With these parts, you could set up the led video wall as showed in the following picture.

led wall with floor standing truss

This kind of floor structure also has its limitation. It could only support the led wall with a height up to 4meters. Here is a tip for how big the led wall background could stand with this floor structure. The maximum width is 14meters and the maximum height is 4meters. If your led video wall is bigger than this size, you have to go with the bulky truss.



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