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LED Wall Backdrop VS. Projection Backdrop

Every stage has a stage backdrop. It is either led wall backdrop or projection backdrop. No matter it is for theatrical stage, church stage or event stage etc. they need a backdrop. But, these two kinds of technologies are different on many aspects.

  • Imaging Technique

This imaging technique have already led them to different application.

LED wall is using light-emitting diode as light source that emits light when current flows through it. Since the light is self-emitting, and different value of RGB combinations contribute to an image. This technique allows the color to stay true. The contrast of led wall looks better as well. In view of these characteristics, LED wall can be used as background for those shows that the actors are standing very close to it.

led wall projection wall

Projection screen shows images by reflected light from the projector. When it reflects the light from projector, it also reflects unwanted environmental light. Therefore, it couldn’t deliver high contrast images or high-quality greyscale images to the audiences. If a show doesn’t have such requirement on the image quality, then the projection screen is an option.

  • Other different characteristics

Pixels: LED wall pixels are made of those thousands of led diodes. The surface of the led wall looks granular when standing too close to it. While the projection wall can provide the images of high uniformity.

Brightness: LED wall has higher brightness, which you could still have clear vision on it during the daylight. While the projection wall couldn’t deliver high brightness. Even though they can, the cost is too high.

led wall stage
LED Wall Stage

Color presentation: LED wall bring colors of high contrast on the images. Laser projection would be an equivalent option to this purpose. But it still couldn’t compete with the led wall when there is lighting from the surrounding.

Cost: the cost of led wall depends on the size area or the pixel pitch etc. cost of the projection wall are determined by the numbers of projectors and the unit price. If it is laser projector, it costs almost the same as led wall.

The ease of installation: LED wall backdrop are modular panels that connect together. The whole system would be easier to be set-up compared to the installation of multiple projectors placement.

projection backdrop
projection backdrop

For setting up your stage backdrop, you could either choose led wall or projection wall. But you must know what they can do or can’t do when you make the decision,  Then it is the wise decision.



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