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Tips on hiring stage led wall

There are always stages for festival celebrations or large parties. Whenever there is a stage, there must be a led wall on the stage. Imagine that you are organizing an event, and you will just need a led wall for 3-days, wouldn’t it cheaper to rent a led wall?  Besides, there will be an operator who can take care of all the led wall installation and set-up. What should you consider when hiring led wall for the event?

Choosing a stage equipment company with good reputation

The stage equipment company must be equipped with a professional team. So that they could provide superior service.  In addition, their stage equipment of the led wall must be good quality. Then your event may look high-end. Furthermore, their professionalism would be capable of giving more valuable suggestions to you.

Better prices packages to rent a led wall

The prices to rent a led wall for the stage depends on how many days you will use the led wall, or the sizes of the stage led wall, or the type of led wall. It should be different prices packages for your options. Then you could choose the right one according to your budget.

The design of the led wall

Mostly we can see that the led wall was installed as flat panel either hung to the truss or mounted to the floor-standing truss. So, you would consider how you could install it. Sometimes, if you want a special design to make the led screen look like a curve screen, then it would require the led panel to be equipped with the curve lock. Those details would cost differently.

The characteristics of the led screen

For example, the brightness and the refresh rate of the led screen. If you use it for an indoor event, then the brightness could be around 800cd. Because it would be dazzling the eyes of people during the event. But the brightness will need to be 3,500cd or 4,000cd for the outdoor event. If not, people couldn’t see anything on the led screen.

For the refresh rate, it needs to be up to 2,000nits at least, or the video would flicker in the camera lens.



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