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Something you don’t know about the transparent led screen

What are transparent led screens? all those led screens that can be see-through is called transparent led screen. But they are still be classified according to specific application.

Let’s see why the led screen can be transparent and see-through

Right from the traditional led screen, it blocks the sight when it is installed. When we take away those spaces between two rows of pixels on the led screen, imagine the shutters or blinds of windows, that is why transparent led screen is see-through.

transparent led screen design

Based on this idea, the first transparent led screen that came out to the market was for indoor project only. Because the design looks easier that there is no mask needed and those led diodes are just mounted onto the PCB strip. They use this indoor transparent led screen behind the glass, it displays the videos or picture ads in the front, while people in the back could still see it through to the window. That is hot products to shops that has glass window, specially, those jewelry store, luxury car dealer shop, or plaza.

indoor transparent led screen
Indoor Transparent LED Screen

Even though the indoor transparent led screens are used indoor, it still carries higher brightness than those traditional indoor led screens. Because it faces to outdoor mostly and it makes sure the ads content can be caught by people. In addition, the see-through design will lower the led screen brightness partly.

When people find out that they need transparent led screen for outdoor use totally, the manufactures have to make it outdoor. Then the outdoor transparent led screens came to the market. It came with more complicated design. The PCB strip and the led diodes have to be enclosed inside a housing with glue injected to isolate the components from air. Furthermore, there is mask to protect the led diodes and the color conformity of surface is better.

Outdoor Transparent LED Screen

Outdoor transparent led screens are being installed in front of the glass. No matter if they are for indoor or outdoor, they are needed for one reason that they won’t obstruct the view. Of course, they are light weight. That is why they work really good for specific project. Specially, those project of led screen facade needs giant led screen, and the weight of the led screen is the most important requirement to the whole project.

led screen facade
LED Screen Facade

Transparent led screens can work for those commercial advertising project. Something you should know that they could work for stage events too.

stage transparent led screen



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