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Transparent LED Video Screen for shopping mall

We have no idea when the led advertising screen came indoor and took up a large portion of the market. Probably it began when the regulations on outdoor billboards was getting serious, or when the indoor led video screen became more helping with advertising business. No matter what, it is indeed coming in more creative style than the outdoor one, and better fit in or being part of the interior design. The transparent led video screen is one of them.

The difference between transparent led screen and the old style bulky one lies in the weight. It is attributed to the improvement on the appearance of the transparent led screen. The appearance is removing as much as possible the cabinet area and the PCB area. So, that is what we see here the transparent led screen cabinet. It is an aluminum frame that holds all the LED strips. The object could pass though between the led strips. That is why it is see-through. Also, that is why we call it transparent led video screen.

When we shop at the mall, it is obvious that most of the stores are with glass windows. Every store is trying to be located easily from every direction inside the mall. So, there is no bulky or block constructure that would be emplaced afterwards. For any indoor led video screen, it has the same requirement on the screen structure as well. Then the transparent led screen comes in. It might be the reason why the transparent led screen gets popular.

Usually, transparent led video screen can be installed as store window display or the lobby display inside the shopping mall.

Transparent led screen for store window display

Store window displays are decorated for different theme to promote the sales. It needs lots of efforts to work on it. Since transparent led screen’s coming, many stores could easily upgrade their window displays. Sales promotion ads would be read efficiently.

Transparent LED Screen at shopping mall

When transparent led screen being installed as lobby display, anybody shopping at the mall couldn’t avoid it. Actually, lobby displays are always being used to display the advertising messages, but it used to be the static and printed one. The show-up of the transparent led screen just provides another option, which is digital and could fit well in the surrounding.

In a word, transparent led video screen didn’t come without a clue. It just came as a new identity for those advertising medias that we usually see at the shopping mall.



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