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How to choose a rental led wall for the stage?

If you are a running a company of event equipment, you would have loaded or unloaded the led wall products many times. When you ship the rental led wall panels to different event occasions, they are experiencing risk of being damaged as well. So, the portability and the durability of the rental led wall are very important when you choose a rental led wall.

When you are considering buying the led wall, please take the following factors into account.

  • Reliability and durability

According to different manner of installation, you would mostly use rigging system to hang the led wall, or use truss to install it. These two installation manners have higher requirements on the weight and safety of the rental led wall panel design. Because the rental led wall usually goes high in the air, the design of the screen panel must be light weight and strong enough. Furthermore, the connections of every two panels or between the panels and the rigging bars or the rigging bars and to the truss must be reliable. It couldn’t afford because of any negligence during installation.

It requires frequently installing and dismantling, and frequent transportation as well. The edges of the screen panels got damaged all the times. It would lower down the rate of such problems being happened if the screen panel design could take care of it.

  • Easier installation

It requires people to have professional skill to install the rental led wall. To the equipment company or the end users, they will pay high to hire people on the installation. But a rental led wall with easier installation manner would save a lot to the end users finally.

  • Easier Maintenance

The led screen is still a high-tech product. Specially, when it is in frequent use, it still need professionalism when doing maintenance on the screen panel. So, it would require the screen panel to have a design that allow easier maintenance. At least, it could be easier to replace the parts, like the led modules, power supply or system cards. Then they can be returned to the manufacturer for new spare parts.

  • Friendly interface of editing software

It is a challenge for the newbies to use this digital led wall. So, the system software needs to be as simple as possible to operate, and edit. In addition, it would be helpful if there is manual on how to use the editing software.



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