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Outdoor Modular LED Sign

This Outdoor Modular LED Sign is a smart solution. A tile is a led sign. Multiple tiles can be lined up together fast to make different sizes. 

Pixel Pitch:4.1625mm/ 6.25mm/ 8.33mm

Cabinet Size:400mm*400mm 

Refresh rate: 3,840Hz

Brightness: 6,000-10,000nits 

Used for: outdoor monument sign, pylon sign, wall-mounted sign, etc.

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Outdoor Modular LED Sign

This is a smart solution for small led signs market. The led sign is in modular design, each module itself is the smallest led sign. Multiple modules can be lined up together to make a bigger LED sign. This solution works for many types of install, like monument message center (EMC), pylon led sign or wall-mounted led sign, etc. If you are a sign company, this outdoor modular led sign system would definitely help you business to grow.

Outdoor Modular led sign

Mechanical Front Access & Easy Assembly

This modular design can compete with the Stax modular led tiles from Next LED Signs, or the VisionIQ tiles from Mediaresources. They both feature easy assembly and fast sale within distribution channel. In addition, our LED modular tile is rugged enough to be salt resistant.

how modular led tiles lined up

Work for Many Types of Signs

Pixel Pitch Available

Pixel Pitch4.16mm6.25mm8.33mm
Module Size400mm*400mm 400mm*400mm 400mm*400mm
Module Resolution96*96 pixels64*64 pixels48*48 pixels
Refresh Rate3,840Hz3,840Hz3,840Hz
VoltageAC 110V-220VAC 110V-220VAC 110V-220V
Cabinet MaterialUV Resistant Plastic UV Resistant Plastic UV Resistant Plastic
Weight2.8KG2.8KG 2.8KG
IP Grade


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