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Outdoor Digital Advertising/

Outdoor Front Access LED Video Wall

Outdoor LED video wall is a media for outdoor advertising. It used to be P16 or P20, and it is required to be P10, P8 or higher resolution, such as P5 or P4.

Pixel Pitch:3.125mm/ 3.91mm/ 4.81mm/5.95mm

Cabinet Size:250mm*250mm 

Refresh rate: 1920Hz up

Brightness: 6,000-6,500nits 

Used for: outdoor fixed billboard or rental led wall

  • Product Detail

Die-casting Aluminum LED Screen Panel

Equipped with front accessed LED Modules

All Pixel Pitch Available for Different Project (Front Access)

Pixel Pitch3.125mm3.91mm4.81mm5.95mm
LED TypeSMD1415SMD1921SMD1921SMD2727
Module Size250mm*250mm 250mm*250mm 250mm*250mm 250mm*250mm
Cabinet Size 500mm*500mm 500mm*500mm 500mm*500mm 500mm*500mm
Cabinet Resolution160*160 pixels128*128 pixels104*104 pixels84*84 pixels
Scan 1/101/81/6-71/7
Refresh Rate1920Hz up1920Hz up1920Hz up1920Hz up
VoltageAC 110V-220VAC 110V-220VAC 110V-220VAC 110V-220V
Cabinet MaterialDie-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum
Weight8.8KG8.8KG 8.8KG 8.8KG
IP Grade


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