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Different Stage Design of led video wall for wedding

In recent years, LED video wall have not only been widely used in advertising media, but also an important element of TV variety shows and stage backgrounds. With the development of technology and cost reduction, large LED video wall have shown in many occasions, especially in event. If any wedding event without a large LED video wall, the guests who come to the wedding will always feel something missing in the wedding stage. Actually, when the large LED video wall display some wedding related content, it could add more details to the wedding. In addition, the guests would find the wedding more fashionable and dynamic. The wedding with led video wall would look like a blockbuster movie, which has changed the traditional design of the wedding stage background. It could also brought a huge impact and challenge to the lighting design of the wedding.

Although the LED large video wall is widely used on the stage background. But how to design to achieve to an “wow” stage effortlessly is what we need to consider. Let’s take a closer look at the uses of the LED video wall in the wedding banquet.

A. LED Video Wall Embedded into the center of the stage

There is still a stage background on the stage and a LED stage screen is embedded the center of the background. The stage backgrounds could be either made of KT boards, or made of cloth curtains. No matter what kind of background is, the LED screen is in the center of the stage like a larger LED TV. Itis not very large, it is just for people to see the picture. The advantage of this stage design is that the high-definition playback picture quality is good, and budget is low. Also it has disadvantage that it couldn’t bring more feeling to the people at the event.

LED Video Wall Embedded into the center of the stage

B.LED video wall stands aside from the stage center

The background of the stage still plays the leading role. It could be the KT board design, or the gauze curtain design. While the LED screen is set on the side of the background or on both sides, or only on one side. it displays wedding photos or video.

led video wall stands aside from the stage center

C. LED video wall work as the whole background of the stage

This design will require a very large led video wall. The background of the entire stage is this LED video wall. There is no KT board and no other stage design elements. This super large LED screen would display all logos, images and pictures of the wedding. The guests of the whole banquet can watch the content of the LED screen in 360 degrees without dead ends. Of course, this design would require a higher budget.

LED video wall work as the whole background of the stage



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