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Is 16:9 aspect ratio important when buying led video wall?

It used to be 4:3 aspect ratio, but now 16:9 aspect ratio takes the prominent role in the display market. So, when clients ask if they need 16:9 ratio for their led video wall, I would say that it depends.

There are some cases that 16:9 aspect ratio might be needed. Those cases are all related to one purpose that the led video wall would work as TV. Those cases are party hall, restaurant big TV, conference room, etc. LCD/LED TV can’t do those big sizes, so LED video wall steps in and does the job. It still needs the TV signal, and most of the TV signal is 16:9 aspect ratio. In that case, if you want the images or videos being displayed on the led video wall perfectly, the led video wall needs to match the format of 16:9 ratio.

Here let’s see what would happen if the a 16:9 ratio media source went into the LED video wall that weren’t 16:9 aspect ratio. From the illustration below, we could tell that the a LED screen with 16:9 ratio is really important.

We have been talking about the cases that 16:9 ratio is needed or it is necessary for led video wall. But, sometimes it doesn’t need to be. Just like the banner of the website, it can be any size and ratio. Of course, all the image and video input will be customized to match your LED video wall. Cases like creative stage design, standard outdoor billboard size, etc. they don’t require 16:9 ratio.

All in all, it depends on how you use the led video wall. Or what kind of media source will be input into the led screen.

Here is bonus for you, the recommended sizes of LED screen in 16:9 ratio for your reference.



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