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Digital LED Poster Screen in Rental Market

Digital led poster screen or mirror led sign are usually sold to the end user as consumer electronics. Actually, it can be one of the event rental equipment, like those led stage video walls, led stage lighting and dance floor, etc.

According to our experiences with those led video wall, it is expensive to rent. They are coming in modular pieces, and the rental cost is $50-$150 or higher for each piece. Additionally, you will need to rent the truss, controller as well. Those small size of events couldn’t afford it to use a led wall display. But there is something else for option. That is the digital led poster screen. The digital led poster screen comes in small and compact size. It is stand-alone, and you could lay it on the floor. Because it is small, so everybody can afford it. What’s more, it doesn’t require much skill to use it. Just plug in, and use the App on your phone to send videos or pictures to the device. It is almost like plug and play device.

If you think that it is too small, then you are going to change your mind. This digital led poster screen can work in cascade mode. It means that multiple units can work together to form a bigger screen. You could cascade two pieces or three pieces, until eight pieces according to your requirement and budget.

Let’s see where you might this digital led poster screen.

A. Rent Digital LED Poster in Exhibition Center Hall

We have attended lots of exhibitions seeing those printed frame poster. They were not cheap, and it could only work for one exhibitor. It would be nice if we could, together with other exhibitors, rent the digital led poster from the show organization. Because we share the cost. We could rent one unit or two units to be cascaded if we need bigger screen. We could post our image ads or video ads to lead the visitor to our booth.

digital led screen for exhibition

B. Rent Digital Led Poster for Shops

If you are running a shop and you might need to save some pennies on promoting your ads. You might have a bakery house, fashion shop, or a restaurant. To bring more guests to your shops on thanksgiving day, you want a digital led screen to post your coupon. Then you could rent it from the equipment company for just 10days or 15days.

led screen poster for shops

C. Rent Digital LED Poster for wedding event

To thank the family and guests attending the wedding, you might need a digital poster on the wedding entrance. The digital led poster won’t just show the sweets words. It can show photos of the bride & groom and those touching moment of their love.

led poster for wedding

D. Rent Digital LED Poster for Product Launch Event

It needs a detailed event plan to launch a new product. So that this product can impress the guests. Then you might need to rent multiple units of this digital led poster screens. When they stand together in a line, nobody could resist it.

digital led screen for product launch event



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