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How does an interactive led dance floor work?

Interactive LED floor is one of the led screen family. But it is very different as well. Interactive led floor can not only display videos as the led screen, but also it can react to the motions captured from the led floor. It is two ways communication.

As showed in the following picture, the interactive LED dance floor system is composed of PC, software, sensor and the LED floor. First, the PC with software installed sends the videos to the LED floor. When there is motion on the led floor, the sensor will capture it and send coordinates of the motion to the software. It’s like a commend, and the software will react with a call and again show the pre-designed reaction to the led floor. Actually, let’s put in simple. It is like playing the video game of fruit ninja. The software is the fruit ninja app; the LED floor is like the touch screen, and you play it with your feet. That is how the interactive led floor works.

In the market, there are two different interactive led floors mainly. Both of them follow the same rule to be interactive. But the sensor that capture the motions is different. One is with built-in pressure sensing devices, and the other is with exterior radar detecting device. They have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Interactive LED Dance Floor with built-in pressure sensing devices

Since the pressure sensing devices are built-in, the interactive led floor won’t be affected by the environment. That is the most helpful advantage of this kind of LED floor. On the other hand, it will add up much cost as well. That is why the led floor with built-in pressure sensing devices are much higher price and obviously it is the disadvantage of it.

Interactive LED Floor with Radar detecting device

Usually, each led floor just need one or two exterior radar detecting devices. So, price of it is cheaper. But the radar detecting device is placed exterior, it would be affected by many factors, such as radar detecting malfunction. It happens when there are too many people standing on the led floor at the same time or the radar is slightly moved from the original location.

Until now, you must learn something about the interactive led floor with these two different technologies, and it would help you to choose the right one for your project.



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