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P2.604 Outdoor LED TV Screen for Patio

The client came to us for a solution to install an outdoor led TV screen for his patio. So that he can watch TV and football game with families there. After discussion, we recommend to make the led screen at size of 3.5M L x 2M H, say 6.56ft H x 11.48ft wide, which is close to 16:9 aspect ratio. So the led wall screen can display the TV shows without the problem of image distortion.

outdoor LED TV screen for Patio
outdoor LED TV screen for Patio

LED Screen Size: 3.5M wide x 2M high or 11.48ft L X 6.56ft

LED Screen Resolution: 1,344 pixels X 768 pixels

LED Pixel Pitch: P2.604mm Outdoor

LED Screen Refresh Rate: 3,840Hz

LED Screen Brightness: 4,500nits

Location: Florida USA


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