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What Is Led Video Screen or Led Billboards?

When talking about led screen, people might be thinking of led display as monitor of computer or LCD monitor. But here we are talking about the led screen as led billboard or those led stage backdrop screen.

When you are the first time to buy this kind of led screen, you may be curious that how that thing can be such big screen. You may also think that how they can be traveled to the installation site. We will explore it for you.

Part one, we will find out what those phrases are? Such as LED type, LED module, LED cabinet or LED panel.

A. Type of LED

There are many sizes of led bulb being used for different resolution of led screen. But they are just three types mainly in the market according to the type of encapsulation or packaging. They are SMD, DIP or COB. COB is chip on board, the latest technology. SMD and DIP type are still the popular ones. The DIP led is for outdoor only and the SMD led is either for indoor led screen or for outdoor led screen.

B. LED Module

When we say LED, it is still the raw material. When it comes to led module, it is the smallest unit of the led screen. Because it is already the finished part to display video or picture when giving it power and controlling order. LED module has its size and the module size will determine the final size of the whole led screen. For outdoor permanent led screen, led module is usually in size of 320*320mm (1ft by 1ft) or 320*160mm (1ft by 0.5ft). For stage led screen, led module is in size of 320*160mm (1ft by 0.5ft) or 250*250mm (0.82ft by 0.82ft).

C. LED cabinet or LED panel

LED cabinet or led panel is an enclosure that contains several led modules inside, power supplies and controlling receiving card. It is usually in size of 960*960mm (3.15ft by 315ft) for outdoor permanent install, or 500*1000mm (1.64ft by 3.28ft) for stage rental led screen. LED cabinet or LED panel is the unit that the factory send to the customer, and customer could install it or mount it one by one onto the structure for a big billboard or big led screen. So, customer just need to remember the size of the led cabinet or led panel then calculate the exact final size of the whole led screen in different layout.

When customer receives led cabinets or led panels from factory. How those led cabinet or led panels can be installed together to be a big billboard or big led screen?

Part Two. We will illustrate how the led panels or LED cabinets can be connected together.

A. LED cabinets or LED panels are lined up and fasten by connecting iron plate.

B. Power cables and data CAT5 cable in cascaded connection

Each led cabinet or led panel has an output and an input for power and data respectively. So that the power and data could pass through to the next LED panel.

C. LED Screen mounted to the structure

D. Data communication set up for led screen

So, that is a detailed explanation on the whole led screen system set-up. From this, you can be ready to install an led screen.



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