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Are you ready for the return of live events?

It is said that the livestreaming events or virtual events will not replace mass gathering or live events, according to data from Enigma Research. Actually, many major concerts and festivals are re-opening. Specially, the small and outdoor events are seeing strong demand. After staying at home for a year, people are eager to go see a live show.

Audiences are ready for the events. But, are the events planners, stage equipment providers, or shows organizer ready for this? Safe distance, sanitizer and screening are still required, even though small events are allowed. In addition, your shows or stage equipment is ready? Such as outdoor stage led screen, outdoor stage led moving lights etc. Outdoor devices are required, because outdoor events are re-open first. When pandemic is under control and indoor events are re-open, your outdoor rental led screen can work as well.

Live events, like sports events or entertainment events require different led screen. Sports events inside the stadium, especially school stadium need indoor led screen. It is for fixed installation, so led screen in rental style doesn’t fit. Concerts, DJ show of those entertainment events want the led screen in rental style, because it is usually a 3-days events. After the show, the LED screen will be put into the road case for storage or to move to next show.

To recognize those differences between different led screens will help you move forward to next phase, source and buy led screen locally or overseas. It is no doubt that buying from China will be cost effective.

For the events to be re-open this year will face many difficulties than ever. Things are not going to be like before. Many new rules and regulations need to be met. Your stage equipment need to meet the requirement of the events too. So, are you really ready for the events to be re-open?



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